No Shave November: Facial Hair For Foster Care

No Shave November is almost here, which means “Facial Hair for Foster Care” in New Orleans! Joy and I have been privileged to be foster parents for the last seven months, and would like to share a few thoughts about our foster care journey and encourage you to participate in helping and serving the foster care community.

1.     Prayerfully consider being a foster care parent.

Let me be clear, being a foster parent is not for everyone. Without question, the last seven months have been the hardest and most sanctifying of our life. Going from four kids to six kids, with the youngest two in diapers will turn your world upside down; not to mention meetings, court dates, and the upheaval of your daily routine. Three years ago, we wrote  in our Gospel Life Plan to begin faithfully praying about adoption and fostering. The empty bedroom and two empty car seats were our consistent answers, we were compelled to open up our lives, home, and resources.

2.     Take the initiative and Involve your church.

There really should be no question about involving your church in adoption and foster care, the Bible is pretty clear (James 1:27, Ps 82:3-4). At some level everyone should support and participate in adoption and foster care. Not everyone is called to be a parent, but everyone can participate in support.

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.
— James 1:27

There have been two specific times in our journey, that if it were not for our church family at Edgewater Baptist Church and church planters here in NOLA, we would have thrown in the towel. There is a great ministry in providing support to foster parents. We cannot express how grateful we are for prayer, respite, meals, and even a surprise house cleaning from our wonderful faith family. Do not miss the opportunities you have to join in the ministry of foster support (see the links below for ways to lead your church to participate)! This may be exactly how God wants to involve your family and church.

3.     Educate yourself on the needs in your community and region.

Joy and I have been impressed to engage missionally within our zip code. As we looked for opportunities within our community, the need for foster parents was absolutely overwhelming. How could we preach missional living and not help? Currently in New Orleans there are approximately 400+ children in the foster care, this is certainly high, but in many cities and states the numbers are much higher. I would challenge everyone to research the foster needs in their community and region. The facts will surprise you and hopefully compel you, to take action for the sake of the gospel.

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