Top 10 Church Planting Locations: New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, long known as The City That Care Forgot, is experiencing a resurgence in population, city life, young professionals, and immigrants. 11% of the population self-identify as evangelicals, there is great lostness here and great opportunities to reach this World City with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Contact me via if I can serve you or your church in partnering in the gospel to reach New Orleans. 

1. Military Plant in Belle Chase- NAS JRB New Orleans is one of two Joint Reserve Bases in the country that serve and house commands from various branches of the Armed Services.

Nearly 5,400 Military, Department of Defense civilian employees and contractors work at the base daily, and approximately 1,700 family members live in more than 900 housing units. 

2. Arabic Plants on the Westbank and Kenner- There is an estimated 10-15k Arabic People in New Orleans. We need an Arabic speaking planter and SENDING Church.

3. Hispanic Plant in Metairie- There is a large demographic of Hispanics in Metairie, we need a Hispanic planter and SENDING church.

4. Multi-Ethnic Plant in Chalmette

We need a planter and SENDING Church for this location.

5. African American Plant in East New Orleans- This location is in a primary blue-collar African-American neighborhood and needs an evangelical gospel witness. 

6.Vietnamese Plant in East New Orleans - We need a Vietnamese-speaking planter for a large Vietnamese population in East New Orleans. This is an unreached community in need of a evangelical witness.

7. Multi-Ethnic Church Plant in the Irish Channel- This are is a Multi-Ethnic community on the South side of uptown that borders the MS River. Here is a short video and attached PDF about history. 

8. Multi-Ethnic/African American Church Plant in Central City- This area is one of our most difficult locations. High crime, diversity, gentrification, poverty…etc. It is a rapidly changing community with a very long history of violence and crime. Here is a brief overview of Central City.

9. Multi-Ethnic Plant in the Lower Ninth Ward- This area has long been an underserved area, but it is going through a demographic change and beginning some gentrification. This is a hard area in need of a gospel witness. This area has a majority African American population, this demographic is becoming increasingly millennial and multi-ethnic.

10. Multi-Ethnic Plants in Kenner/Elmwood/Metairie South of I/10.