Top 10 Prayer Needs Send New Orleans

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Top 10 Prayer Needs Send New Orleans

1. For a church planting movement to take place in New Orleans and South Louisiana. (11% of the population identify as an evangelical). Pray for church plants to move past 100 and see fruitful growth through baptisms and disciple-making.

2. For church planters and their families as they are on the front lines of pushing back lostness in the midst of intense spiritual darkness. New Orleans has a long history of being a very spiritually dark place, this is a real battle felt by planters and pastors across the city. Pray that the city that care forgot, would be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3. To discover, develop and deploy church planters across the New Orleans and South Louisiana. Pray for our work with NOBTS specifically as we are partnering together to raise up church planting residents for multiplying works.

4. To mobilize churches to partner with Send New Orleans through prayer, participation and provision. We would like to see every church plant with multiple support partners, that are committed to the planter and the city.

5. To engage adoption and foster care needs in New Orleans through SEND Relief. (At any given time there are over 400 children in Foster Care in New Orleans)

6. To cultivate awareness of the incredible hardship and sacrifice that planters encounter in New Orleans. Currently, we have the dubious distinction of having more per-capita murders than any city in the U.S.

7. To engage in the epidemic fight against child poverty through SEND Relief. New Orleans has the largest population of children living in poverty anywhere in the U.S. at 39%.

8. To find bi-vocational church planters with high capacity leadership to plant churches in New Orleans.

9. For the Ross Family: George, Joy, Isaac, Hannah-Ruth, Abigail, Jeremiah, London and Rueben.

10. For our 3 most immediate church planting needs:

  • A Vietnamese planter for 13-14k Vietnamese pop. with no evangelical work.
  • A church plant in our most difficult area of New Orleans, Central City.
  • A Muslim/Arabic background planter for the 10-15k Arabic speakers in New Orleans.