Church planting involves an individual, mother church, and/or a group of people going out to start a church for the purpose of engaging a community through gospel proclamation and demonstration. Church plating, unlike church starting, should/must be mission driven. Church planting grows in the soil of lostness where men and women far from God are challenged with the claims of the gospel of Jesus Christ by a group of intentional believers.
— Ed Stetzer

There is no greater missional strategy than church planting. The Apostle Paul spent his ministry preaching the gospel, making disciples, and establishing churches. The advance of the gospel in the early church resulted in exponential church multiplication. Lives were transformed, christian community was established, and culture was impacted. 

Churches today have the opportunity to be a tangible expression of the Kingdom, by participating in church planting. No matter the size of your church, right now you can begin by praying for or partnering with a church plant. 

I want to encourage you to think about partnering here in New Orleans, LA. New Orleans has a long deep history of religion and superstition. With over 1 million people and very little evangelical impact, there is a great need to sow the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches. Would you lead your church to participate in the Kingdom mission of giving away and sending outI would love to come to your church, association, or network and share about the needs and opportunities for church planting here in New Orleans. 

Rayon had been to "a lot" of churches but “never" considered himself a follower of Jesus. Then your gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering helped church planter missionary Ryan Rice plant a church in Rayon’s suburban New Orleans neighborhood. That church is where Rayon gave his life to Jesus, and now he’d like to say thank you.